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3 Reasons to Plan Without Pinterest

Nov 18, 2014 No Comments

I want to preface this post with this statement: I LOVE PINTEREST!  I know that some of you reading this will disagree with me, and that’s okay!  I speak from my personal experience as a professional creative.  Here’s what a lot of creative pros might not tell you:

Pinterest is a fabulous site!  Visual bookmarks giving you the greatest ideas to spruce up your bedroom, seventy-five recipes for chicken in the crockpot and forty-two ways to tie a scarf.  If you’re female, odds are you’ve spent many a work day searching, scrolling and pinning.  Designing a wedding has become so easy with Pinterest too!  You have jaw-dropping inspirations to pull ideas from and more DIY projects than your 7 woman bridal party can keep up with.  But all of these resources can also hold your wedding back when it comes to making the most of your wedding vendors.

1.  Don’t Tie Down our Creative Hands – Creating Pinterest boards is really great idea when you’re trying to define your style, pick between multiple options or relay visual information verbally.  Handing your Pinterest board over to your wedding vendors and saying “Give me exactly this.” is like hiring a professional chef and handing him a box of instant mashed potatoes.  We love that you’re able to communicate your ideas via Pinterest but we want to impress you with our craft by personalizing your experience and putting our creative touch on it.  After all, you hired your creative team because you liked their work, right?  Now, put the utmost trust them to wow the pants off you with their unique designs and ideas!

planning without pinterest

2.  No More Shot Lists! – When you hand a photographer a list of all the items and scenes that you want photographed, you turn a creative right-brained professional into a left-brained work horse.  This work horse is now running around your bridal suite with a pencil in one hand, your shot list in the other and our camera…in our pocket….?–I’m assuming–and we’re now interrupting your heartfelt rendition of your first date to your bridesmaids so that we can stage a photo of your mom brushing your hair behind your ear–a photo that you will later look at without any emotional attachment.  Why?  Because it wasn’t sincere.

The better option:  Book a photographer who’s work you have seen in full and trust that they will get all the pertinent details and give them the freedom to candidly and naturally photograph the sincere moments that happen throughout your day.  Then, and only then, will you have truly memorable and emotional stories of your day.

planning without pinterest

3.  Please Don’t Ask Us to Plagiarize – You’ve found a super cute photo online and you have to have it!  You screenshot it and during your engagement session, you whip out your phone, point and ask your photographer, “Can we do this photo?”  Well, yes, technically we can, but we probably don’t want to.  What we’re hearing is that you want your photographs to be exactly the same as someone else’s.  Where’s the fun in that?!  So when you head to your photography session, dream big and don’t settle on ideas that have already been done.  Let us WOW you with something unique–something other brides will see on Pinterest and then strive to have for their own wedding.  We want your photos to be cutting edge and trend setting!  (Besides, copying other people’s work is seriously looked down upon.)  *wink

Use Pinterest for inspiration; a foundation from which to build your own creative and beautiful ideas.  Don’t replicate what’s already been done.  Make your wedding your own!


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