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Boudoir WEEK, Day 4: Quick Tips For Your First Boudoir Session

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So you’ve decided to book your first boudoir session!  Now what?  How should you prepare?  Getting your body ready physically starts a few weeks before your session with eating healthy. No, no, we’re not talking about eating healthy to lose weight.  It’s a proven fact that the healthier we eat, the better our skin, hair and body will look thus giving us a natural, healthy glow.  Eating healthy is always a good habit and it’s one of the many ways to feel your best!

Remembering these quick tips and words of advice before your day of beauty will help make you feel and look your best!  If there is any post this week that you choose to read, MAKE IT THIS ONE!  These tips are extremely helpful for not only your boudoir session, but they are also great guidelines to follow for any type of photography session.


Avoid Tanning– If you’re of the fair complected type, don’t stress about looking tan!  If you must tan, we recommend tanning the natural way (without getting burned!!!!), as spray tans are notorious for making fingers, hands, toes, feet and stomachs very orange in comparison to the rest of your skin tone.  Your hands will be photographed very closely and deviations in your skin color and tone could become more apparent than you’d like. If you’re tanning outside, do NOT let yourself get burned.  That creates a whole other skin tone issue (not to mention your skin will be dry and flakey for your photos.)  When in doubt, don’t tan! An even skin tone (no matter the shade) is ALWAYS more flattering!  And you will not feel sexy with a sunburn, trust me!

Shape the Brows – A few days before your shoot, make sure to address and shape any unwanted facial hair.  Doing this in advance will ensure that you’re not red or puffy during your session.  It will also give you some extra time to make sure you didn’t miss anything the first time around.

Treat Acne Spots – Using a topical gel (or other acne fighting medication), treat any problem spots several days ahead of time.  Continue to treat any usual problem areas to help prevent day-of breakouts that may occur.

Freshen Up the Mani-Pedi – A day or two before your session, make some time to hit up the salon (or pamper yourself in the comfort of your home) and have those fingers and toes refreshed with a new coat of polish!  Don’t forget the top coat to really make those babies shine!

Hydrate! – Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water in the weeks before your shoot.  Water consumption is directly related to your skin’s moisture level.  Drinking a lot of water will also help revitalize the shine in your hair and help heed off those pesky breakouts!


The Night Before:

• Wash, condition and towel dry your hair
• Get plenty of rest!
• Moisturize your skin
• For sensitive skin and areas, complete all your personal grooming the night before to avoid unwanted skin reactions
• Avoid alcohol the night before
• Pack your outfits so you aren’t rushed or stressed the day of your session (your stress level will show in your photos)
• Avoid having a greasy or fatty dinner

The Day Of:

Wear loose fitting clothing – Bras, panties, socks and other elastic-banned or tight fitting items can create unwanted lines and indention on your skin that are likely to stick around for several hours.  When dressing in the morning, stick to loose garments such as robes, pajamas, or a button down shirt; things that will easily slide over your fresh makeup and fabulous hair.
Shave and lotion up those legs – If you’re likely to suffer from 5 o’clock shadow, consider running a razor back over your legs a (or other areas) a couple hours before your session and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!
Wear clear deodorant 
Get there early – Nothing is worse than stress, and trust me, it’ll be written all over your face when you show up to your session sweaty and out of breath so make sure to give yourself plenty of time and take traffic into consideration.

Make sure to view all of our boudoir tips for the ultimate experience!



While there are many styles of boudoir photography, Motley Mélange specializes in light, fresh and feminine images.  Our style of these intimates are hardly triple X rated, but rather PG-13, capturing your most flattering features while tastefully leaving many curves up to the imagination.  For the lovely ladies of Motley Mélange, we’ll keep these personal posts short and sweet so as to not spoil any of their surprises!  If you’re interested in capturing your youth and beauty or looking for a gift to give the man who has everything, shoot us an email and we’d LOVE to doll you up and make you feel and look fabulous!



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