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Boudoir WEEK, Day 5: How to Feel Confident

Jul 05, 2013 1 Comment


Lastly, and most importantly, in our list of fabulous tips for your first boudoir session is to FEEL CONFIDENT!  You’re sexy and we’ll prove it! There isn’t anything more beautiful than a confident woman and it’s completely natural to be nervous, anxious and excited for your session!  Rest assured that EVERY woman feels like this for their first session.  Overcoming the nervousness is something that you can start working on as soon as you book your session and from the moment you walk through our door, our number one goal is to make you feel comfortable and gorgeous.  So don’t let your apprehension get in the way of making your soul mate’s wildest dreams come true!  This will be a FABULOUS experience for you!


Love Your Body:  The most important thing to remember when you start to feel a little nervous is to shake it off!  When you’re Googling ideas for lingerie, makeup and hair, do not compare yourself to the models and celebrities that will pop up in your search results.  Look in the mirror, take a step back, and realize that you are beautiful just the way you are and appreciate all the wonderful, miraculous and amazing things our body has done for you!  Having a positive attitude and loving your body is the first step to feeling perfect from the inside out!

Trust US: You are a beautiful, gorgeous woman and as your photographers, we’ve been trained on how to pose women of all body shapes to accentuate your beautiful assets and talk you through facial expressions that will make your man melt!  If you want to practice posing before the big day, dive into Vogue or other fashion magazine while sitting in front of a mirror.  Take a look at the models’ facial expressions, eyes, and lips and try and replicate their look in the mirror.  Take notice of the positioning of their hands, hips, shoulders and legs.  As you practice in the mirror, you’ll build muscle memory which will help you to know what you look like in front of the camera.  And remember: If the pose feels awkward, then you’re doing it right!  Don’t for one minute think that this is awkward for your photographer; this is just another day in the office for us!

Get In The Groove: Music is a big player in relaxing the nerves and making you feel confident.  So what kind of music lets you let loose?  Throw together a sexy little playlist for your session to help you feel feminine and sultry.

Think Sexy Thoughts:  Getting yourself prepped mentally will bring out the confidence you need and you can’t look sexy without feeling it first!  Whatever you’re thinking about will show on your face so make sure it’s good!

Bring Your BFF: If your nerves get the best of you, feel free to bring a friend!  No, not in the room during the shoot, but friends can help loosen you up as you’re getting your hair and makeup done and they’ll be there to greet you when you’re all finished and your adrenaline is winding down!

Sip Some Bubbly: A little liquid courage can help you relax but don’t start chugging from the bottle!  A mimosa, glass of champagne or a little wine will do the trick just fine.

This is what we do! Remember, we are our own worst critics and your man loves you for the real person you are!  We here at Motley Mélange know that if you’ve followed this week’s boudoir session tips, that you will have the time of your life at your session!  Let us show you how gorgeous and feminine you can be and we’re certain that your man will enjoy them for many many years to come!!  Make sure to view all of our boudoir tips for the ultimate experience!


While there are many styles of boudoir photography, Motley Mélange specializes in light, fresh and feminine images.  Our style of these intimates are hardly triple X rated, but rather PG-13, capturing your most flattering features while tastefully leaving many curves up to the imagination.  For the lovely ladies of Motley Mélange, we’ll keep these personal posts short and sweet so as to not spoil any of their surprises!  If you’re interested in capturing your youth and beauty or looking for a gift to give the man who has everything, shoot us an email and we’d LOVE to doll you up and make you feel and look fabulous!


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