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Choosing a Location For Your Photography Session

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There are so many options for choosing a location to take your photos! WHERE do you even start?!  Your photography session location should describe your style, taste and personality.  Think about what you’d like to do with your photos once they’re completed.  Do you want to create a statement wall in your home?  Would you like to preserve the moments in a coffee table book?  These things matter!  So think about what you’d like to do with the end product to help you kick off the brainstorming.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when trying to choose the perfect location for your session:

When you have down time from life’s hustle and bustle, what do you like to do?  Hobbies?

Where are some of your favorite places to visit (near or far)?

What’s your style?  Do you like to get dressed up?  Are pajamas part of your everyday attire?


When we say “themed” we don’t necessarily mean masquerades and costumes (although if that’s your style, embrace it!)  Your photos should embrace an overall feel and vibe.  What does that vibe look like?  Are you outdoorsy?  Playful?  Maybe you love the beach, romantic date nights or city life.  From carnivals to waterways, giving yourself a “day date” will help to ease your photo-jitters AND provide you with something fun to do!  (And that photo wall will look absolutely fabulous when the images come together with a common theme!!!)



Perhaps you prefer the calm chill life indoors, curled up with a good book and that perfectly brewed cup of coffee.  Or maybe there’s that hip new wine bar that just opened and it has become your home away from home.  Whatever your indoor needs are, there’s sure to be a place for you!  Many indoor locations that are unrelated to large event gatherings will graciously allow discreet photography sessions.  Larger venues who cater to events may require special permitting but you never know until you ask!  It’s time to get creative to make your lifestyle session a perfect reflection of you in your comfort zone.

houston city centre engagement photographer


City life excites you.  Skyscrapers, alleyways, shopping, loft-style living, architecture and the gritty grunge that is the beauty of an inner city lifestyle.  These are some of things you love about life.  Hot date nights at ritzy restaurants and the glow of street lights is where you see yourself on a Saturday night.  You trade the crowds at the local mall for the more personal high-end outdoor retail boutiques for your shopping experience.  If these things describe you, enlist yourself for an inner city type session!  Christian Louboutin’s and Prada shades, optional.



You love the outdoors!  Your spirit was meant to fly free; free of walls, restrictions and boundaries!  Bring some bread for the ducks and blanket to sit on and join us under the trees among the wildlife creatures.  The woodland outdoors shine best at dusk so prepare yourself to bask in the glow of the evening sun.

houston arboretum wedding


Hope this helps you decide on your perfect place for hosting your session!  Remember, any place can be the perfect location.  The less it’s been photographed, THE BETTER!


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