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Engagement Outfits & Ideas | Easy style for the not-so-stylish

Nov 25, 2014 No Comments

This is it!  THE most asked question I get about photo sessions:  “What should I wear??”  A few years ago, we covered this exact question in a blog post but it’s been a while so lets circle back with some new quick and easy tips!

1.  Dress Up! – Get playful.  Get a little out of your comfort zone.  If you’re a homebody, don’t be scared to go trendy and stylish.  Your wardrobe is a lot like your makeup: you want to give it a little punch from what you typically wear…unless of course your a fashion blogger or stylist, in which case BRING IT!  This will really help you stand out and give your photos a punch of pizzaz.

2.  A Statement Piece – I mentioned this a couple weeks ago on the engagement session props post but I want to talk a little more about it now:  When choosing your outfits, make sure there’s a statement piece for each pairing.  This can be something as small as your chunky jewelry or as bold as his colored denim pants.  For the visual bride and grooms out there, check out my Pinterest boards!  There’s one for grooms and one for brides!  Here’s a quick peek.  Can you spot the statement pieces in the outfits below?

engagement session outfits statement piece 2


3.  Pants – We’ll have a lot of fun on your session so help me keep your photos fresh by making sure at least one of your outfits includes pants or shorts.  This will allow us to get flirty on the ground, crawl up a tree or simply sit down without the fear of a lucky gust of wind turning your shoot in a Marilyn Monroe inspiration circa Seven Year Itch.

4.  No Matchy-Matchy – We’ve all seen the iconic family photos of everyone wearing white shirts.  Aside from the photo feeling a little cultish, everyone blends in with each other!  Even more scary is when you’ve created the perfect floating heads photograph because everyone is dressed in black.

So let’s make a little promise, right here, right now.  Repeat after me:

I will NOT match my mate.  

I WILL mix and match.  

And in the event that I cannot accomplish this task, I WILL call Style On Demand and ask Andrea for some professional guidance because I’m worth it!

PERFECT!  I’m so glad we are on the same page now!  Your photos are going to rock!  Now book that hair and makeup appointment and let’s start planning some fab photos!

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