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The First Look | 7 signs and reasons you should break tradition

Nov 11, 2014 No Comments

OOOooooOOO!  The controversial First Look.  I won’t try and sway to you one side or the other but I will say that if you’re counting tally marks, the First Look pros GREATLY outweigh the cons.  It just depends on how heavy your “Breaking Tradition” tally mark weighs on your list.

The First Look is meant to provide you and your fiancé with a quiet and private moment with each other before you pronounce your love and devote yourselves to each other in front of all your family and friends.  It gives you a quite moment to talk to each other, pray together, hold each others’ hands and hug.  He can tell you how beautiful you look, spin you around and get a good look at that dress and pull you close in and tell you how excited he is to become your mister.  And it’s private.  It’s just the two of you.  An uninterrupted private moment where you can ugly-cry and no one will judge you!

Let’s start with 7 signs that you should consider a First Look for your wedding:

1. Your friends label you as an emotional person.

2. You’ve got sweaty nervous palms and your anxiety level may have reached that of medicinal level.

3.  Your ceremony starts an hour or less before sunset (Go here to make sure you know your wedding day weather and sunset times!)

4.  Your timeline is tight, unforgiving and planned in 5 minute intervals.

5.  You need extended family to be in your formal family photographs…including all 13 cousins.

6.  Your ceremony/reception are in different places.

7.  All you want to do is par-tay!

first look 7 signs you should break tradition

Your handsome Mister has now set his eyes upon the most beautiful woman in the world.  Now what?  What does this mean for the rest of your day?  How could THIS tiny little taboo moment be worth breaking the most precious of traditions?


1.  You can now freshen up, pat those wet eyelashes, pink eyes and rosy-emotional cheeks and put yourself back together before your big debut!

2.  You can breathe.  He’s seen you.  You’ve seen him.  Now your EXCITED and more relaxed and ready to rock that processional catwalk.

3.  Let’s knock out those fun wedding party photos before the ceremony!  And once you’ve said “I do,” you can relax with a celebratory glass of champagne until your grand entrance into the party.

4.  Calling all extended family members!  Yep, that 45 minute list of people. . .let’s go ahead and knock that list out too.  This will ensure that Cousin Ricky, Uncle Dan and Sisters Kelly & Tasha can head straight to the bar and we don’t have to worry about sending a search party out for them or prying that drink out of their thirsty claws.

5.  With all those necessary wedding party and family photos out of the way, we now have the PERFECT uninterrupted and RELAXED opportunity to photograph the new bride and groom in the golden sunset!  Even better is that all the guests are too busy catching up with old friends, drinking and snacking to even notice that you’re out and about.

6.  Delete the unpredictable traffic woes from your list of worries.  If your day calls for multiple locations, we can knock out the photos near/at the ceremony, and everyone can safely and calmly commute to the reception location without worrying about rushing through traffic.

7.  After your sunset photos, YOU ARE FREE TO PARRRRTAY!  So put on your dancing shoes and get on that dance floor.  Is that Living On A Prayer I hear?. . .

first look 7 signs you should break tradition

Still not sure if a First Look is for you?  Talk it over with your other half and think about it from a logistical standpoint.  Your wedding day will be hurried and there’s a 99.9% chance it will not be AHEAD of schedule.  If you have time to kill (i.e. MORE than 1 hour) before the reception, then stick with tradition!  Otherwise, carefully consider a First Look.

When you should NIX the First Look – If your First Look does not allow you to take advantage of any of it’s many timesaving features, then SKIP IT!  An example of this would be a First Looked scheduled 15 minutes before your ceremony starts.

A No-Look First-Look – We’ve all seen it: that iconic Pinterest image where the bride is on one side of a door and the groom is on the other and neither can see each other.  Unless you plan on making this moment useful (such as praying together before the walk down the aisle), SKIP IT.  Yep. I said it.  This cheesy moment has been pinned so many times that every bride thinks they NEED this photo when in fact it’s a logistical waste of time.  One of the highlights of a First Look is to SAVE time.  Adding another staged photograph that requires strategic choreographing to your already long list of “Must Have Photos” actually requires MORE time.  To be honest, I’ve never seen one of those photos hanging on anyone’s wall or even displayed in their wedding album.  What do you ladies DO with that photo?

first look 7 signs you should break tradition

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