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motley –  ˈmätlē – adjective – incongruously varied in appearance or character; disparate

mé·lange – māˈlänj – noun – a mixture; a medley

Urban, modern, glamorous, seaside, elegance, garden-inspired.  These are some of my favorite things.  And when I get an opportunity to incorporate these diverse settings and descriptors into one glorious event, that’s when the ultimate Motley Mélange is made!


I take photos of people, couples to be more specific, no matter their age, gender,  or backgrounds.  Photographing the love between two people is my passion.  With fashion and editorial inspirations, I work with people just like yourself and turn them into gorgeous models to create images that stop a moment in time and reflect your love and passion.


We’ll laugh, we’ll joke, and we’ll spend time together to get to know each other!  After all, the more we get to know each other, the greater your wedding day experience will be!  My sole wish for you on your wedding journey is to ensure that you hire a professional who is a reflection of you:  your style, your tastes, and your personalities . . . and to have a little bit of fun along the way.  Okay, maybe a lot of fun!

This is me!

motley melange photographer

photo courtesy of Hillary Bayer


Photographing LOVE is what makes me giddy inside, so please, if YOU are in love then I’d LOVE for you contact me!

I live in the fabulous city of Houston with my husband, Cody.  We have two amazing dogs named Miley and Cyrus.  They rule the household . . . and our bed.  We have a gorgeous daughter named Beverly Mae.  We call her Everly. . . or Ev . . . or Peanut . . . some people call her Evie, others call her Bev.  I’m pretty sure if you give her a taco, she’ll answer to just about anything.  In a nutshell, I enjoy 75 degree weather with partly cloudy skies, my BFF’s fudge brownies, and if I could eat Mexican food 7 days a week, I would.  Nothing beats a good shopping trip to Z Gallerie except a good pedicure.  Okay, nothing beats a good pedicure!  Except maybe a great one. . .


Creatively yours,

Kori Biller <3

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Houston Wedding Photographer centrally located in The Heights, Motley Melange specializes in photojournalistic, lifestyle photography and pairs fun, emotional and classy photos in custom designed albums, save the dates and questbooks to add an unique flair to youe wedding decor!

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