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Boudoir WEEK, Day 1: What is boudoir photography?

Jul 01, 2013 No Comments


Boudoir photography is a relatively new trend with women seeking to feel gorgeous for not only herself, but for her man as well. Many brides-to-be seek out such an experience to present their new grooms with a special wedding present that isn’t available in stores! *wink wink*  Not to be limited to only newlyweds, the Little Black Book also makes for one hell of an anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s or birthday gift!  Just make sure he doesn’t open your gift while the family is watching!

Sexy, flirty and little sensual, boudoir photography aims to capture the gorgeous woman inside us all while maintaining your comfort level in a private and professional setting.  You don’t have to have a super model body to feel and look fabulous!  The Motley Mélange professionals know just how to accentuate your most flattering features while concealing areas where you feel self conscious.  And don’t fret; there’s no need to take your clothes off to feel sexy!  We believe that the most gorgeous photos will hint at nudity while still allowing the client to be clothed and comfortable (after all, we prefer to leave some things up to the imagination!)



Sessions are always more fun when you have your girlfriends involved to help you let loose, so gather up your best friends and come as a group to get dolled up!  You’ll be photographed individually as each lady becomes photo-ready and we’ll commemorate the fun day with a fantastic group photo at the end!

At Motley Mélange, we respect every clients right to privacy.  You can feel confident in knowing that your images will not be shown without your written permission.  We only utilize professional labs and album companies that safeguard the privacy of our clients images.

Hopefully in these next 5 days of Boudoir Week, we can help answer some of your questions and give you the confidence you need to strut your stuff!  Make sure to view all of our boudoir tips for the ultimate experience!



While there are many styles of boudoir photography, Motley Mélange specializes in light, fresh and feminine images.  Our style of these intimates are hardly triple X rated, but rather PG-13, capturing your most flattering features while tastefully leaving many curves up to the imagination.  For the lovely ladies of Motley Mélange, we’ll keep these personal posts short and sweet so as to not spoil any of their surprises!  If you’re interested in capturing your youth and beauty or looking for a gift to give the man who has everything, shoot us an email and we’d LOVE to doll you up and make you feel and look fabulous!


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