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Engagement Session Props | Why you should leave them at home

Nov 13, 2014 No Comments

I used to be one of those photographers:  the one encouraging couples to bring props to their photography sessions.  It was an amateur way of getting around my confidence issues and lack of field experience.  I didn’t have to think about the shot; I’d seen it on Pinterest.  It was an easy shot and it took no thought whatsoever.  As I progressed in my craft, I learned to get the couples to vibe off each other and really get them into the moment, and I learned that props were holding me back this whole time!  I was hiding my creative eye AND hiding my clients behind these meaningless things.  And I quickly realized that that’s not how you photograph love. . .

Props can be fun but let’s get real for a second; your photography session is about YOU and we don’t want you to get lost in a sea of objects.

1.  Get your workout on!…or not – Your hair and makeup are looking hot.  You’ve got on your best Pinterest-styled outfit and you’ve even managed to squeeze your feet into some of the most gorgeous red carpet worthy shoes you’ve ever owned.  “Now hold this 10 pound bag of extraneous props while I take your picture.  Thanks!”  Ha!  Odds are, you’ll already have your change of clothes in your hand along with your purse, a bottle of water and maybe a towel (if you took my engagement session tip advice).  Perhaps it’s not the best idea to get that upper body workout in while you’re looking so dolled up!  After all, drip sweat might not be the greatest accessory to accentuate…

2.   Less cheese, more chemistry – Props scream “this photo has been purposely posed.”  But really, is that how you want to remember your engagement: posed, setup and exactly the same as hundreds of other bride and grooms?  Instead, lets focus less on the cheesy images and more on your relationship, love and excitement for each other.  And true passion is something nobody can imitate.

3.  YOU become the prop – Rather than adding DIY projects and clutter to the session, let’s  focus on YOU:  your outfits, your accessories, your shoes.  Work on pairing together a fashion magazine inspired wardrobe for both you and your man.  I tell my brides to always have a statement piece in their outfits.  This can be your scarf, his hat, your skirt, his blazer, your pants, his tie, your jewelry, etc.  Keep the images alive by switching the focus from objects that you hide behind to accessorizing with items that bring the focus of the image to you, the lovely couple.

4.  THE EXCEPTION – There is one exception this: styled sessions.  If you have an awesome styled shoot idea (think picnic in the park, romantic date night on the beach or a treasured item that you and your mate adore such as a dog, motorcycle, car) it is completely okay to utilize those in your session!  But remember, the focus will be on you.  Professionally styled props are meant to add balance to your photos and complement the passion of your love.

I’m totally not hating on your creative props, but sit back, relax and let us get some AWESOME naturally creative shots that will blow the Pinterest prop ideas out of the water!!



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