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Butler’s Courtyard, Houston Wedding Photographer: Jesse & Reid

Jun 21, 2013 No Comments

Houston Wedding Photographer:  A Butler’s Courtyard wedding was the perfect Houston wedding venue for these two!  This was Motley Mélange’s first time photographing a wedding at Butler’s Courtyard and we cannot wait to do it again!  The indoor ceremony area was very intimate and beautiful.  The exposed brick, concrete floors and chandeliers were perfect for this stunning vintage inspired gown.  The turquoise and pewter accents Jesse and Reid decided on worked fabulously for this mid-January ceremony.  I especially loved all the bling from her dress and garter details to her bracelet, fingers and feet.  All the hard work these two put into making this wedding as gorgeous as possible paid off!

Without breaking tradition, Jesse and Reid exchanged their wedding day gifts to each other during their no-look first look.  If you’re curious as to what a no-look first look is, it can best be described as an opportunity for you and your soul mate to have an intimate, yet blinded, moment together.  Separated by door, corner of a building or even hidden from each other’s view by blindfolds, a no-look moment can help ease a few of those wedding day jitters without sacrificing the traditional first look moment down the isle.  Want to knock out those pre-ceremony jitters and take a personal moment with your significant other to pray before you make that final walk down the isle or cherish his first reaction and words privately?  Then think about creating some time before your ceremony for a first look.  It might break tradition, but the wedding day timeline benefits are worth it!

I met Jesse & Reid last year and their enthusiasm, passion and personalities had me praying that they’d book us for their wedding photography!  Aside from being absolutely adorable together, their sense of style and design matched great with my own personal style.  Finding a wedding photographer who’s personality and tastes match your own is something that is really important to keep in mind during the planning process of your wedding!  Fortunately, Jesse & Reid decided to put their beautiful, once in a lifetime day into our hands and we were so thankful!

During their Hershey Park engagement session, I had the opportunity to really get to know these two as individuals and as a couple.  Their story of how they met, how Reid proposed and their journey together was truly touching and thankfully, a good friend and colleague of mine was able to capture it all on camera!  If you have a few minutes, check out their “Love Story,” and more, on the Jbird Cinema website!

Jesse’s absolutely gorgeous smile and Reid’s handsome and charming personality made photographing their stories tremendously easy!  When two people, as passionate and in love as these two, let their love loose in front of the camera, magical things happen!  I only wish I had the opportunity to photograph them more! (First year anniversary party, perhaps? Haha!)  Enjoy!

Engagements: Terry Hershey Park

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